The Story Behind the Name

Welcome to the world, Catalystica! This is the beginning of something new and as the founding Principal, I'm excited to share it with you.  


What's Catalystica?

Catalystica focuses on community engagement through experiential marketing. For folks unfamiliar with the term, it basically means that we specialize in creating events such as conferences, tradeshows, and meetups, on behalf of companies so that they can connect with their stakeholders face-to-face.

We're brand-first marketers + event strategists + community connectors who are passionate about bringing brands to life to meet their business objectives. Our work is grounded in the small details that make the biggest difference.


What’s the story behind the name Catalystica? 

Sure, the name is long and you’re probably considering the various ways to pronounce it. (It’s /'kaet-e-list-ih-kah/.) But, it’s based on one of my favourite words: catalyst.

A catalyst (/ˈkætəlɪst/) is a person or thing that causes a change.
— British Dictionary definition

At Catalystica, we believe all human experiences have the potential to be catalysts for change. Experiences connect people, trigger conversations, inspire novel ideas, and create deeper and more meaningful connections than online interactions are capable of.


The Meaning Within Our Logo 

Why is our logo comprised of three triangles? The triangle represents the uppercase delta letter that means 'change.' There are three corners and three sides on every triangle. Three is the universal triad for the past, present and the future.

You'll also notice the snow-capped mountain within the triangle. We love mountains (that's where you'll find us in our spare time!) and there are many metaphors used to describe mountains. This is one of our favourites:

Life is a mountain, and we are all climbing to reach the summit.
— Anonymous

Why focus on experiential marketing?

I’m drawn to people and I love facilitating meaningful social connections among them. The way I see it, the easiest way to connect is for people to get together, in person, and see what happens when conversation sparks and ideas transpire. Experiential marketing provides a space for companies and organizations to interact, share ideas, and expand their network.


Well there you have it; the story behind the intriguing name and why we do what we do.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below or reach out and connect!


Until next time,