Social Media Tips to Help You Promote Your Next Event

Social media is a powerful tool that not only lets you talk to your audience directly, but also lets you promote your next event. In this first blog post for our Event Planning Toolkit, we cover three social media marketing tips to help you get the right people in the room and create buzz for your events.

1. Create social media accounts for large events

Social media isn’t just intended for organizations. Your event deserves a voice too! Creating separate social media accounts for large events, such as conferences, will help you engage attendees and build a community year after year. It also makes it easier to build buzz and leverage past attendees to spread the word! They can also ask questions, reach out to others and set up meetings, and get a feel for the types of other attendees who will be “in the room”, so to speak.

The A100 organizes an annual conference called AccelerateAB. Both the organization and the event have social media accounts and they leverage one another to promote the event.

2. Create unique and memorable event hashtags

Event hashtags make it easy for social media users to follow conversations about your event. It’s important to make your hashtag unique, memorable and as short as possible (every character counts!)

Branch Out Neurological Foundation used #BranchyBikeTour rather than just #BikeTour so that its conversations didn’t get lost amongst the hundreds of other bike tours taking place around the same time.

Ensure your hashtag is listed on all of your event communications and marketing materials. This includes directional signage, attendee programs and table signage, to name a few.

Extra Tip: When attendees purchase tickets, encourage them to tell others and make it even easier by giving them a scripted post with the hashtag. For example: 

Just purchased my ticket to #AccelerateAB! Looking forward to spending the day with the Alberta tech community on April 27 in Edmonton!

3. Use Click-to-Tweet to make it easy for others to promote your event

Want to make it even easier for busy people to start talking and tweeting about your event? Create easy-to-use Click-to-Tweets. Click-to-Tweet is a free tool that enables people to instantly publish your pre-scripted tweet with the push of a button. Here’s an example:

Save the date! @StartupCalgary’s Launch Party is back on Nov 17 2016! Can’t wait to spend the evening supporting the top 10 #yycstartups

To create your own Click-to-Tweets:

  • Go to and “Sign in with Twitter”
  • Write your tweet into the white message box and click “Generate New Link”. You will be provided with a shortened URL.
  • You can either share this URL or hyperlink the tweet into an email or document so the reader can see the content before clicking
  • Once the hyperlinked tweet is clicked, it will go directly to the individual's Twitter account
  • At this point, they can either instantly post the pre-scripted content, or customize it before sharing

Now you are ready to get social!

Just remember, events are intended to be community builders. Engage your community online and prepare for your community to naturally expand as people start conversations about your event. Talk about building buzz!

Good luck!

-Team Catalystica