Event Recap: AccelerateAB 2017

If you have ever seen us in action at the end of a conference, we may be quick to say, “That was our FAVOURITE event!” (cue eye-roll). Every pitch event, fundraiser and conference gives us a unique rush of adrenaline as we watch different communities come together to celebrate, learn and connect. We dare you to try and leave without feeling inspired!

About AccelerateAB

AccelerateAB really is the entrepreneurs’ conference, capturing a side of our innovation ecosystem that might not be seen otherwise. It’s the only time that entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, government and service providers from across the province come together to celebrate innovation and technology.

15 local Alberta startups experience a multi-stage mentorship program and bring their “A” game to the stage to pitch in front of 400 attendees. With an extensive support network built behind them, these entrepreneurs thrive both at and after AccelerateAB.

We have a lot of great startups in the province and we are finding ways to leverage a lot of great people and companies to help those startups be successful.
— AccelerateAB 2017 Attendee

Why the Roundtable Companies Love It

From the storytelling workshop and pitch practice hosted by The Agency and PwC, to the private Roundtable sessions, these 15 companies get to connect with Alberta’s top mentors and supporters.

Working within this ecosystem, we love to find ways to showcase local founders. We felt like proud parents watching companies like Gifty, SpikeBee and Interface Fluidics pitch on stage for the second or even third time as they continue to gain more support and exposure at each event.

AccelerateAB was an amazing opportunity for professional development and gaining personal life experience. In just 4 hours, I was able to gain years of experience as a business professional and apply them to my entrepreneurial career.
— AccelerateAB 2017 Roundtable Company

Social Media Impact

AccelerateAB has a very active online community that follows the conference each year through the #AccelerateAB hashtag, keeping the buzz high before and after the conference.

Although you may wonder why people spend so much time looking down at their phone at the conference, a sense of community builds around these conversations and extends well beyond our screens.

#AccelerateAB was trending on Twitter during the conference! For more social media stats, check out the report from CMO4Hire

Community Support

Thank you to the sponsors and community partners that supported AccelerateAB this year! From their involvement as mentors at the private Roundtable sessions, to the insight provided on-stage, we truly couldn’t have done it without them.

The extensive support from AccelerateAB Community Partners and Sponsors was a true reflection of how our province has come together to pick our economy up and show Alberta what innovation can do for our community!

Ecosystem Impact

AccelerateAB featured keynote speakers Alexander Manu, strategic innovation practitioner; Cathy Han, Founder & CEO of 42 Technologies; and Bruce Croxon, Co-Founder of LavaLife and former dragon on CBC Dragon’s Den. Between the inspirational keynotes, workshop presenters and panelists, AccelerateAB attendees acquired new knowledge a fresh perspective on our innovation ecosystem.

Fall in love with the problem, not the solution. Culture is not what you do, but how you do it. Solve a real problem! There’s never been a better time than right here, right now.
— AccelerateAB 2017 Attendee

Be sure to check out the Calgary Herald article on how Alberta’s technology sector is finally in the spotlight!

The Catalystica team is extremely professional and cool under pressure – a skill always admired in our industry. The A100 was truly pleased with the organization of our yearly AccelerateAB Conference. There is nothing I gave them that they weren’t able to take on. We are so pleased to have Catalystica in our province’s tech innovation ecosystem.
— Cynthia van Sundert, Executive Director at The A100

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