Event Recap: Branch Out Bike Tour 2017

There is something special about Branch Out Neurological Foundation’s annual Bike Tour. It’s not just the picture-perfect view staying at Panorama Mountain Resort or working with Branch Out’s Executive Director, Crystal Phillips. There’s more to it than that. This event brings together a superfit, generous, enthusiastic crowd of Branchies. Yes, we’ve made that a word.

About the Branch Out Bike Tour

The Branch Out Neurological Foundation funds research for technologies and non-pharmaceutical approaches for neurological disorders including MS, Autism, Alzheimer's, concussions and epilepsy. The Branch Out Bike Tour started 7 YEARS AGO as Branch Out’s first, and now largest, fundraiser and has since raised over one million dollars.

The Bike Tour is organized by a committee of volunteers who dedicate hours of time (and energy - phewf) for months leading up to the event to make sure that it’s a success. In addition, there are 50 day-of volunteers who offer support. Events are much more fun when you have a talented crew to back you up!

There were so many things that contributed to the great atmosphere - from the awesome volunteers, to the fun aide stations, to the other riders who were all so encouraging- the whole weekend had an awesome vibe!
— 2017 Branch Out Bike Tour Participant

Why Branchies Love It

Branchies are incapable of having an okay time. They go ALL out. From rocking costumes that most people wouldn’t dream of wearing for a 100km ride, to late night 90’s dance parties that can’t stop, won’t stop, the Bike Tour makes giving back fun for everyone.

The people and the atmosphere are truly incredible! Whether you’re a seasoned rider or newbie, it’s the best time you’ll have. Can’t wait for next year!
— 2017 Branch Out Bike Tour Participant


Outside of the high fives and good times, there is a powerful feel good vibe to every Bike Tour. One of the committee members, Leslie McMillan, joined to support the cause after losing her mother to a neurological disorder. Leslie went above and beyond to put together Branch Out’s largest silent auction to-date, helped us host our first live auction and balloon pop, all while raising over $40K to earn the title of top fundraiser.

This year, 227 riders raised over $350,000.

Throughout the day I had several conversations with people where they were able to express their passion for this cause, how it’s not just a fun ride through the mountains, why they are involved, etc... the collection of those conversations, that was my favorite part.
— 2017 Branch Out Bike Tour Participant
I had to pinch myself after our Branch Out Bike Tour event this year. It really did happen, a flawless event! You helped us raise over $200,000 and receive the best feedback results from participants, who raved about the support, safety and organization of the event. Very excited for our next adventures together, you’re keepers!
— Crystal Phillips, Executive Director at Branch Out Neurological Foundation

Check out the Facebook Photos

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