Why Events Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Originally posted on Picatic's Event Planning Blog  on Sept 10, 2015


Looking to connect with your audience? Host an event.

Face to face events are all about making connections. Even though you can easily ‘connect’ with people online using social media, there is still something magical and unique about face to face interaction that you just can’t get behind a screen.

Here are five benefits of hosting face to face events and why they still matter:


Events build relationships

We’re human. We like to engage with other humans: shake other people’s hands, smile at one another and share jokes or use sarcasm to build rapport. At events, you can pick up on mannerisms and read others’ nonverbal body language, ultimately enabling you to build long-term relationships.

Social Media Breakfast YYC (SMBYYC) is a great example of a monthly networking event that builds strong relationships. This event brings online social media enthusiasts together so they can connect face to face (while tweeting of course!)


Events raise awareness and increase loyalty

Events give potential customers an opportunity to discover, compare, or try a brand before they purchase.

When engaged in one-on-one dialogue at an event, you have someone’s undivided attention. You can share your story in an authentic way and ultimately build loyalty, which is every marketers ultimate goal.

The Chic Geek hosts a Geeky Gathering (previously Speak Geek) event to discuss mentorship, goal setting and confidence building with its community members before launching applications for its 6-month Mentorship Program. This is a great event designed to help people determine whether they want to commit to the program.


Events create memories

Experiences that excite our senses – smell, sound, sight – help us form memories. This is all thanks to the little part in our brain called the hippocampus, which is “crucial for creating new memories for events.” (BBC)

Savoury food, delicious drinks, upbeat music, ambient lighting are all event elements that stimulate the senses and help you position your brand without even saying a word.

The adrenaline rush of Startup Weekend is an excellent example of a hackathon that stimulates the senses and creates life-long memories for participants.


Events stimulate word of mouth

Positive word of mouth is one of the most valuable forms of marketing. Period.

People want to be in the know and share cool experiences with their friends. Events enable you to invite others, share valuable info and relive the experience long after the event ends.

Traction Conf was a conference that brought the entire Vancouver startup community together. Everyone in tech was talking about the event – so much so, that it sold out 45 days early.


Events help you position your brand

Events are an excellent way to establish your brand in the marketplace. Whether it’s speaking at an event or just explaining to someone what your company does – it’s a live, authentic demonstration of your expertise.


In conclusion, face to face events help you build meaningful connections with your target audience. They help you create loyal advocates – which is the ultimate goal of any and every marketing campaign.

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